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Frecuently Asked Questions

Employees and their families sent abroad by their companies for professional reasons, large corporations, institutions and official organisations requiring a global and comprehensive health solution. The insurance purchase only can be done throughout the corporation not individually.

The best inpatient and outpatient health coverage, in the countries of origin and destination, along with other services such as: 

  • Travel assistance.
  • Mediphone 24, 24-hour medical advice over the phone.
  • Second Medical Opinion.
  • Emergency transfers and other assistance services: Repatriation in case of illness, accident or decease, extraordinary return travel, etc. (origin and destination).
  • Travel assistance for travel to third countries.
Additionally, there is a choice of further coverage:
  • Complementary health: pharmaceutical expenses, acupuncture, homeopathy, and dental and visual aid reimbursement.
  • Additional services: travel of substitute executive personnel, cover for flight incidents, legal advice over the phone, luggage incidents, simultaneous interpreting service.
  • Indemnity: compensation in the event of accidental decease and/or hospitalisation.

Global Expat is a medical protection and assistance insurance which seeks to provide complete inpatient and outpatient health coverage at origin and destination, as well as during travel to other countries. 
Travel insurance is not the same as health insurance, as it provides cover for briefer periods (normally less than 6 months) and only covers emergency medical care, limiting the comprehensive protection and scope required during an expatriate assignment.

Global Expat cover will extend to the Insured’s children on condition that they are in full-time education and live with the expatriate in the destination country. 

The maximum age for contracting Global Expat is 65 years old. 

On condition that the qualification period has been met, the infant will be covered from the moment of birth.

Standard cover includes dental and visual aid protection in the event of a serious accident or an emergency, in the countries of both origin and destination. 
Or, cover can be extended for you to benefit from the reimbursement option. 

Depending on the type of product marketed in each country, on the group, the pathology, medical information and specifics of the illness, and whether or not there is an existing health policy, certain illnesses may be included or limited.

A medical care and advice service over the phone provided by a team of health care professionals 24 hours a day. Mediphone places at your disposal medical advice for any concern you may have in connection with your own health or that of your insured family members.